Izzy is a Tattoo holder that works for the government as a lieutenant. In chapter 1 of the manga it claims that it is her job to find and collect the remaining tattoos. She appears to be a young girl but claims that she is older than she looks and that she is stuck looking like a child (Episode 1 and chapter 1 of manga and anime). She has long long silver hair that is rarely let down and is usually worn as a ponytail. She has blue eyes and her usual appearance is of her in a school uniform with a big black jacket. She possesses the power of air bomb which can take air and turn it into bombs or bullets as seen in one of the episodes and in the manga.

She first meets Seigi Akatsuka after running into him by accident. It is only after she discovers that he is a spell holder that she pursues him. Once he learns about what the tattoo is and the powers he has, he becomes a student and partner to Izzy. She is training him in hopes that he will gain full control over his power. In the basement of her house they work on improving his hand to hand combat.