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Bluesy Fluesy, also known as "Izzy", is a Tattoo Holder working for the government and is tasked with finding and collecting the remaining tattoos.


Although she looks like a young girl, Tom Shredfield claims that Bluesy is actually older than him, the reason for her apparent lack of age is a side effect of when she first received her Tattoo.

Izzy has long, silver-colored hair which she rarely lets down, usually wearing it in a ponytail. She has blue eyes and is usually dressed in a school uniform with a large black jacket over it.


Unnamed Tattoo: Izzy possess the power to compact air which she can use to create bombs and/or bullets to attack enemies or form into invisible body armor to protect herself.

She first meets Seigi Akatsuka after running into him by accident. It is only after she discovers that he is a spell holder that she pursues him. Once he learns about what the tattoo is and the powers he has, he becomes a student and partner to Izzy. She is training him in hopes that he will gain full control over his power. In the basement of her house they work on improving his hand to hand combat.


Blood’s former lover and they both still have feelings for each other