Seigi (meaning "justice") is the main protagonist of the manga and anime Taboo-Tattoo. He got his tattoo from an old man whom he saved from thugs. He has one of the most powerful tattoos: Void Maker.

Personality Edit

Seigi's personality is a complex one, at times he can be kind and sometimes he can be an angry person. Regardless, he fights for what he believes is right.

Powers Edit

  • Void Maker: Void Maker is one of greatest tattoos that is known until now. Void Maker can create :Black Holes ,Voids and can create a sphere that destroys everything around it. However, Seigi can't control his power because Void Maker has a personality on its own, a dark personality that likes blood more than anything. Void Maker is the only tattoo that holds the dark truth of the tattoos, but no one knows how a tattoo can reveal the truth, or if it is his personality that knows the truth. At this point, it is unknown.
  • Martial Arts: Seigi is a very good martial artist. His grandfather trained him for the last couple of years, and until now, no one has ever beaten him except for his grandfather and the lieutenant.

Relationship Edit

  • Father: He respects his father deeply, and he believes that his father died for a right cause. He also remembers his words about reaching something if you raise your hand high enough. *Grandfather :He trusts his grandfather a lot, and treats him more like a master than a grandfather.